Tips for Maintaining Your Rental Property

Hi there, and welcome back to our blog. Today we’d like to explore some tips for maintaining your rental property. If you own and manage a large, multifamily structure such as an apartment complex, high-rise apartments, or condos, you are well-aware that it takes a lot of work. Along with leasing out units to a steady flow of incoming tenants, you also have to please numerous residents with diverse backgrounds and values. While this can prove to be difficult at times, maintaining the upkeep on the aesthetics of your entire property, the functionality of your property’s amenities, and keeping up with building maintenance is a sure-fire way to keep your residents happy, while also attracting new tenants through word-of-mouth referrals. At Forerunner Insurance Group, we want our clients to provide safe living structures and facilities for their tenants throughout Central Florida that will not only ensure the safety of their renters, but will also influence the happiness and satisfaction of their residents while they reside at your rental property. Please continue reading our helpful tips below.

  • Maintain Landscaping

    Keeping up with the cleanliness and aesthetics of your landscaping is a real tenant-pleaser. You’ll want to either hire a professional landscaping company or hire a reliable, full-time landscaper to have on staff who can take care of the property on a regular basis. Maintaining the length and lushness of your grassy areas provides a lovely place for tenants to play or relax outside in the gorgeous Florida sunshine. Tree and shrub pruning will help ensure the health and beauty of the trees and shrubs on your property, while also ensuring the safety of your tenants by protecting them from falling branches. It’s important to make sure all street signs are unobstructed and clearly visible, and that bushy trees, plants, and bushes are cut back near tight, blind corners.

  • Clean Recreational Areas

    Probably one of the best ways to satisfy your residents is by providing them with clean recreational areas that they can enjoy on a daily basis.

    • Community pools are one of the most popular features of apartment and condo complexes here in Florida, so it is incredibly important to treat the water regularly to maintain a clean, inviting pool for all to enjoy. Also, empty trash receptacles frequently, while making sure to pick up all trash left in the pool area. You’ll want to provide poolside chairs, lounge chairs, and even a few tables, while making sure to repair or replace them as needed. If your pool stays open during the evenings, check the lighting regularly to ensure your tenants’ safety. One other tip to note is if you allow dogs on your property, make sure your tenants know that the swimming pool is for humans, and not their furry friends, as some dog owners take their pets swimming with them. While our furry friends are fun to swim with, there’s nothing worse than jumping into a swimming pool full of floating dog hairs.
    • Playgrounds are another key recreational feature of apartment and condo complexes, with the exception of most retirement communities. It is very important to maintain these areas by picking up trash, checking the functionality of the equipment, and even surrounding the play area with fencing to ensure child safety.
  •  Provide Quick, Reliable Maintenance

    Whether you have a full-time maintenance staff or contract out for the work, fast, reliable maintenance is one of the best ways to keep your tenants happy and safe. When the AC goes kaput, a kitchen appliance fails, the power goes out, or a pipe breaks, residents want and deserve to have these issues addressed and fixed immediately.

  • Establish Dog Stations

    As most multifamily property rentals allow dogs these days, you’ll want to set up dog stations around the property to help reduce dog waste. Because it is the dog owner’s responsibility to clean up after their canine companion, you can help them stay responsible by providing plastic disposable bags for pick-up and trash receptacles for disposal. It is a good idea to empty these trash cans regularly throughout the day to minimize foul smells when people pass by them.

  • Insure Your Property

    While tenants are responsible for purchasing renter’s insurance to protect their valuables in case of a disaster, as the property owner, you are required to purchase comprehensive commercial property insurance. Commercial property insurance protects your business, structure, and contents should disaster strike.

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