The Cost of Insurance for Florida Commercial Vehicles

Florida drivers can find quotes for dozens of commercial policies from prospective companies online. But do they realize the full cost? Relying on these quotes alone can limit owners and operators from understanding additional costs and potential savings. With insurance rates at an all-time high, being informed could be the difference between profit and loss for a company or small business.

State-to-State Commercial Insurance Filing

Several states’ transportation departments require confirmation on file of companies’ insurance compliances. Hauling exempt commodities often subjects drivers to extra intrastate truck filing fees and costs. However, certain states, including Florida, don’t require submission any kind of insurance filings.

Federal Filings

Although the state of Florida doesn’t require insurance filing, commercial operators remain subject to federal regulations. There are a few federal requirements for drivers:

  • BMC-91 – Verification of liability insurance
  • BMC-34 or BMC-83 – Proof of cargo insurance
  • MCS-90 – An endorsement that acts like liability insurance

Forms that need filed depend on each individual, and how they apply to you. Filings should be made within 90 days of publication of intent to register.

Internal Policies

Certain companies may opt for forms of planning and decision making before an uncertain event occurs. Internal policies such as these may help tackle the full cost of insurance head on. Examples include:

  • Risk Management
  • Driver training and vehicle safety
  • Loss control strategies
  • Crash management and rehabilitation


When purchasing commercial insurance for your vehicle, remember to inquire about any discounts the company may offer. Each provider is different. Some companies even factor these into one’s quote, but keep in mind not all providers have standard discounts. When in doubt, communicate with your agent or broker.

Experienced Quality Drivers

Commercial insurance costs are on the rise due to driver shortages. Companies hire younger, inexperienced drivers which results in more accidents. Hire professional, experienced drivers when possible. In addition, consequences for infractions such as distracted driving or speeding are a proven solution. Incentives for safe driving also speak to hired drivers and boost morale. Drivers, be sure to practice careful driving and always be aware of your surroundings. Never use a phone while driving.


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