The Best-Kept Secret In Trucking

The Best-Kept Secret In Trucking

The trucking and transportation industry faces a lot of challenges. There are a lot of added liabilities due to transportation of goods and interchange of equipment. Having the right insurance policies in place can help minimize the financial risk; however, some policies have gaps or don’t provide enough coverage, leaving some companies at a loss. Thankfully, the best-kept secret in trucking fills in the gaps and is an added layer of protection and security. Here is all you need to know about the UIIA – the secret key in the trucking industry.

What Is the UIIA and What Does It Do?

The UIIA stands for Uniform Intermodal Interchange and Facilities Access Agreement and is the only program that outlines the rules and agreements for equipment interchange between companies. It’s run by the Intermodal Association of North America (IANA). The UIIA ensures that all cargo, materials, and products have an added layer of protection during transportation. 

You can join the UIIA as a motor carrier or equipment provider. They help make and execute interchange contracts and offer services to support the transportation industry. To become a member of this program, the company has to have the right insurance first before they’re able to join. Here are the required policies:

  • General liability
  • Auto liability
  • Cargo insurance
  • Trailer interchange
  • Workers’ Compensation

Some truckers are unaware that most shipyards require the carrier to be a participant in the UIIA. They only allow UIIA members, drivers, and carriers to ensure everything is protected and risks are limited. There are more details about coverage amounts and limits here. Being a participant in the UIIA will help resolve any disputes relating to per diem, maintenance, and equipment use/rental charges.

Extra Services

Being a member of the UIIA places you at an advantage over the competition and shows clients your commitment to safety. The IANA also provides information services that focus on environmental initiatives, risk management, safety, and security. The informational services are:

  • Bad order equipment status 
  • Bilateral contract administration
  • Driver vehicle examination report
  • Equipment return location directory
  • Gate control system
  • Global intermodal equipment registry
  • Intermodal driver database
  • Street interchange application
  • Terminal feed service
  • Uniform intermodal interchange and facilities access agreement

These value-added information services streamline several business processes and efficiencies. Interchanging equipment is a lot of responsibility, and accidents happen. Without the extra services and protection, both parties involved can suffer financial devastation and risk litigation. 

At least 95% of the North American equipment interchanges are managed under the UIIA. They have brought a lot to the trucking and intermodal industry by simplifying the contractual process and helping improve driver efficiency. Equipment carrier providers, motor carriers, and insurance agents have all benefited from the UIIA comprehensive program and services. 

Transporting With Forerunner

Working with Forerunner Insurance Group ensures your materials, products, and goods are in secure hands. We have a team of experts that help us provide comprehensive services. We’re sharing the ‘best-kept secret’ so that our clients are aware of our dedication and allowing others to learn. We’re committed to safety and security and want our clients to feel protected. Forerunner Insurance Group offers several different insurance policies, so we’re able to meet any of your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our work with the UIIA and how we can help your business. 

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