Sharing Success: Inside Truck Resource Groups

Resource groups for professional truckers can help bring drivers together who have similar backgrounds, interests, or challenges. A resource group allows truckers to support each other and address any concerns about their jobs. There are several benefits to resource groups which include:


These are supportive environments where truckers can connect with peers that understand their challenges and experiences. It can also help truckers who may be experiencing loneliness or isolation that comes with long hours on the road.


Some resource groups act as methods of advocacy for underrepresented groups of the trucker’s workforce. They are able to advocate for better treatment, equal opportunities, and improved working conditions.


Professional development allows truckers to sharpen their skills, stay updated on trends, and advance their careers. Resource groups that include professional development can include educational resources, workshops, or training.


Mentorship programs can be a part of resource groups. This could be where more experienced truckers help out newer drivers by providing them with insight or advice.


Many resource groups include educational information to help with safety issues, mental health, wellness, and other topics that impact the trucking industry.

Lending a Helping Hand

Acrisure Truck Group offers several resources for truckers including the group’s YouTube page that focuses on FMCSA compliance videos. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is a federal agency within the United States Department of Transportation. It is responsible for regulating and overseeing commercial motor vehicles to ensure their safe operation on the nation’s highways.

Some of the topics that drivers can learn more about on the Acrisure Truck Group YouTube page include:

  • Roadside Inspection Reports
  • Annual DOT Periodic Inspections and Inspector Qualifications
  • How to Obtain a US DOT Number/MC Authority for My Trucking Company
  • How Do I Calculate Off-Duty Time?
  • What is the Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse?
  • What are the Physical Qualifications Required for Truck Drivers?
  • What is the 150 Air Mile Exemption?
  • What is On Duty Time?

Watching videos can be an incredibly effective tool to educate drivers about compliance updates and industry changes. Videos tend to keep viewers engaged and they are useful when making complex subjects more understandable.

Resource Groups You Need To Know About

Other resources available include the Luma Brighter Learning’s Luma Emerge program. This is a product that creates micro-learning lessons that cover safety topics for drivers. Micro-learning is an effective tool because it helps with retention. Learners are more likely to remember key points from the lessons. Luma Brighter Learning’s Luma Emerge also addresses topics such as driver training, health, and wellness.

Acrisure recently partnered with Infinit-I Workforce Solutions (Vertical Alliance) to enhance safety and training methods for Acrisure clients. The program can help improve driver safety and reduce accidents. This will include six months of free access to the Trucking 52 video library.

Forerunner Insurance: Always a Resource to You

Forerunner Insurance Group and our corporate partner, Acrisure, are committed to providing the best resources for our clients. These resources are designed to cater to truckers’ needs, ranging from compliance updates to safety regulations and industry insights. With Acrisure’s support, Forerunner Insurance Group is able to offer comprehensive insurance solutions. We can help you insure your fleet of semi trucks, dump trucks, hot shots, and more. 

Sign up for our Trucking 101 group. We’ll help keep you updated on all things trucking! Please contact us to learn more about our educational resources or our insurance solutions. We have a team of experienced professionals who can help answer any questions you may have!

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