What You Need to Know About Dump Truck Insurance

Whether you own the dump truck you drive or lease your vehicle, you need to maintain proper insurance. Not only is driving without dump truck insurance in Orlando, Florida illegal – you will be in big trouble if you cause an accident and don’t have insurance to cover the damages. Protect the financial investment your company made by purchasing the right insurance. Here’s what you need to know.

Requirements for Dump Truck Insurance in Florida

The Department of Motor Vehicles states that all motor carriers who work with dump trucks, all for-hire dump truck drivers, and all independent owner-operators of dump trucks must maintain commercial insurance. If you’re at all responsible for the vehicle or operation of it, you should make sure the truck has insurance. There are several types of dump truck insurance required:

  1. Liability. Legally required insurance to cover bodily injuries and property damage when you’re at fault for a collision.
  2. Non-trucking liability. If you’re driving your dump truck off the clock, this insurance will help pay for damages.
  3. Physical damage. This type of insurance will cover costs for dump truck repairs or replacement. You should acquire collision and comprehensive insurance for maximum coverage.
  4. Cargo. This insurance covers losses if the accident damages or loses your cargo. If you’re a for-hire dump truck driver, this coverage can help if you damage a client’s property.

Florida is a no-fault insurance state. This means that each driver has to go through his or her respective insurance company for damage relief, regardless of who caused the crash. This is why it’s imperative to maintain at least the minimum required amounts, so you have an outlet for recovery in the event of an accident.

How to File for Dump Truck Insurance in Orlando

You know the law, you’ve read the requirements, and now you’re ready to purchase your dump truck insurance policy in Orlando. Research some of the local providers and request quotes. You don’t simply want the lowest priced policy, however – you want one that provides the coverage you need to protect your company’s assets. Once you find a provider you like, you can typically apply for insurance online, or go through an agent over the phone. Coverage will be effective immediately.



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