Who Should Get Car Hauling Insurance?

One of the most common sights when driving along Florida highways is seeing a car carrier truck loaded with anywhere from two to eight vehicles on its trailer, making car hauling one of the most lucrative freighting businesses in the nation. Vehicle carrier trucks, haulers, and trailers are all large investments which will certainly pay off over time; however, if one of these vehicle transporters is damaged in an automobile accident, the repair expenses will likely be extremely costly. Car hauler insurance is an essential element for any vehicle hauling company, no matter if the hauling business consists of a large auto hauler fleet or if it is a small, independent car hauler. At Forerunner Insurance Group, we specialize in providing commercial auto insurance to keep company vehicles, long haul, and local trucking companies that transport vehicles protected. Car hauler insurance coverage is written specifically for these types of vehicles with higher levels of liability because of the nature of their business. There are many auto vehicle hauling businesses that should have hauling insurance and, in today’s blog post, we will take a look at these types of businesses. Please keep reading below to learn more.

Large Auto Transport Companies

There are many car transporter companies operating large trucking fleets here in Florida. The internet makes it easy for residents to purchase a new car in Jacksonville when they live Miami. Therefore, vehicle haulers are hired to move these cars across the state. If you’re thinking of starting a vehicle hauling company with a large fleet of trucks, it is crucial to get the best coverage for these massive trucks so that they are protected in the case of an accident or another incident that may cause damage to the vehicle.  

Car Dealerships

For many small and large car dealerships, it is more cost-effective to establish their own method for hauling vehicles to and from the dealership, rather than paying a car hauling company to do it for them. While some dealership owners may think that their commercial vehicle insurance or general business insurance will also cover the car hauler trucks, this is not the case. It is important to have coverage that specifically covers a car hauling vehicle.

Repossession Companies

Repo companies rely on their vehicles to haul cars whose owners or lessees have failed to make their loan payments. Whether a repossession company uses a truck with a trailer to pull the car or they have multiple tow trucks, they are required to have car hauling insurance to protect their business assets in the case of an accident, emergency, or loss.

Tow Companies

Any type of tow company will want to cover their car carrier with a good car hauling insurance policy. Tow trucks are complicated vehicles that move cars on and off of the bed all day every day, which means there is an increased risk for damages to occur. Car hauling coverage will protect the vehicle from damages or losses as a result of an auto collision, which will be a big help when the repair bill comes due.

Independent Contractors

Independent towing and car hauling companies really need to cover their vehicle with a car hauling policy. Personal auto insurance coverage will not cover a commercial vehicle used to transport cars, so those small business owners who operate one tow truck, trailer, or independently-owned semi truck will want to have the proper coverage on their auto hauling vehicle. This type of coverage is crucial because accident repairs on large vehicles, like semis and tow trucks, can be incredibly expensive, and most people simply don’t have the extra cash to cover such expenses out of pocket. Having car hauling insurance will protect an independently-owned car carrier or trailer that moves cars in the case of an auto accident or other incidents that causes damage to the vehicle.

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