Fleet Vehicles Insurance

Whether you’re a landscaper with one truck or a plumber with a fleet of 30, Florida’s Finest Insurance Group is your one-stop resource for all your commercial auto insurance needs. Utility, Boom, Stake Body, Straight Body and Dumps, from heavy to extra heavy weights, Forerunner Insurance Group has the expertise to design the right commercial auto and fleet insurance coverage for your needs while protecting your business from serious financial harm due to auto accidents. Typically, our commercial auto customers rely on us to package their auto needs together with other valuable coverage, such as General Liability, Contractors Equipment or Commercial Property, which enables us to seek out additional discounts. 

How Is Commercial Car and Fleet Insurance Different?

Despite common myths, even the self-employed one-truck contractor needs to carry commercial car insurance. When it comes time to file a claim, standard auto insurance falls short of the liabilities faced by business owners. By covering a broader line of liabilities these policies are designed to handle the increased risks inherent to driving while “on the clock.”

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, you’ll want to contact us about commercial auto and fleet insurance:

  • Do you have any vehicles rented or leased to other people?
  • Do you have any vehicles equipped with catering or cooking equipment, bathrooms, hydraulic lifts, altered suspensions, ladder racks, permanent toolboxes or feature other specialized modifications?
  • Do you have any vehicles used to pickup or deliver materials, pizza, newspapers, general goods or supplies or for messenger services?
  • Do you have employees drive any of your vehicles on a regular basis?
  • Do you have any vehicles used for taxi, limo or livery services?
  • Do you have any vehicles owned or leased by a corporation, partnership or other business entity?
  • Do you have any vehicles with a rated load capacity over 2,000lbs or have a gross weight exceeding 10,000 lbs?

Owners of Commercial Vehicles that maintain a high standard for their drivers can expect to receive the most competitive rates available. We have multiple admitted carriers to handle any size business. Contact us today to see how our professional staff can help you.