Car Hauling Trucks Pricing Factors


Car hauling trucks are an investment. Even used tow trucks can cost $30,000, with newer model multi-car haulers costing in the $100,000 range, or even as much as $800,000 for a tractor-trailer rig. These prices reflect the various sizes and capabilities of each particular car hauling truck model. With this in mind, commercial truck insurance costs vary as well. The cost of insurance for your car hauling truck is dependant on factors like:

  • Number of cars being hauled
  • Distances cars are hauled
  • Area your trucks typically operate
  • Number of car carriers in your fleet
  • What kind of cars you haul

Forerunner Insurance Group also takes into accounts the car carrier truck itself when creating commercial truck insurance quotes. This includes aspects like:

  • Value of the car hauling truck itself
  • Type of car carrier
  • Age and condition of the vehicle
  • Driving record and experience of the operator
  • How long you’ve been in business

Forerunner Insurance Group recognizes the unique challenges you as a car carrier owner and operator face. The importance of having proper insurance for your car carrier commercial truck or vehicle fleet cannot be understated. As Florida’s Top Rated Local® commercial insurance provider, we’re here to help tailor an insurance policy that covers you in the event that your business experiences the common and uncommon hazards of car carrier service.

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